Say Good-Bye (English version)

(it is)5 A.M.
Night is almost over
At the airport
(it is)Early in the morning
Travelers are waiting
For their new life

On the left hand, it is a small bag
On the right hand, it is one-way ticket
(I)cannnot stop shaking my right hand
To protect, my left hand tightly held the bag

If I feel the time,
If I feel the season,
Right here, the time is coming near by

(I)Cannnot come back
If I wish to regret or give up
Only the way I have to go throgh is
Just keep going toward

Please give me one more chance
To remember the memory
(I) Just want to run way
Without the heart

What I hear is
Various voice of people
Sight is unclear
(I)cannot see well
A drop was on the cheak
Without sound
Say Good-Byeの日本語を英訳してみました。